Fitness Equipments

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We are passionate about fitness, coaching and empowering you!

-Do you want to burn calories?   Try Sweat, Low, Blast, C.L.I.M.B. and FuZe.

-Do you wan to get stronger?   Try Strength, Lift , *360 and Core. 

-Do you want to increase strength, balance and flexibility?   Try Flex, Roll, Pilates and Barre.

All of our programs work together to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Through personal training, small group training, or the perfect combination of classes, we will EMPOWER YOU to achieve them.

Intense Workout


"When in doubt kick box it out!"


60 minutes of blocked kickboxing cardio fused with strength, core and MORE!

*All levels

Equipment needed:

-Exercise mat/towel

-Weights, bands and tubing (provided)

Training at Home


"SQUAT because no one EVER wrote a song about small asses!"

It's a scorcher! Talk about the burn....

This 75 minute class starts and ends with 12 minutes of lower body training, filled in with 50 minutes of interval based cardio

*Intermediate /Advanced

Equipment needed:

-Exercise mat/towel

-Weights, Bands, Gliders, Tubing, Yoga blocks, (provided)

Squatting with Band
Group Workout


"Instructors who say 'last one' are the reason I have trust issues."



Bring it! This 60 minute interval based cardio and strength class will make you SWEAT! Cardio intervals will change in intensity and duration throughout class. 

*All levels

Equipment needed:

-Exercise mat/towel

- Weights, bands and tubing (provided)

Push Up


"Suck it up now

So you don't have to suck it in later"

This challenging 15 or 30-minute workout uses body weight and tubing to work the core from all angles. This class goes beyond crunches to define the abdomen, hips and lower back.

*All levels

Equipment needed:

-Exercise mat/towel,

-Weights and tubing (provided)

Roll It!

"My foam roller and I have have a love/hate relationship!"

Ahhhhh or AHHHH!

Myofascial release speeds up recover and reduces soreness. 

 It also helps build flexibility and range of motion.

(Available in 20 and 30 minute sessions.)

*All levels

Equipment needed:

-Exercise mat/towel

-Foam rollers, tennis balls and peanut balls (provided)

Foam Roller
Fitness Class


"Sometimes you've gotta be a bad ass to have a good ass"

Buckle Up! Boost cardio and respiratory health in this 60 minute cardio class. Class EXPLODES with

High Intensity Interval Training.

Athletes work in short bursts of peak effort then rest.

(Also available in 30 minute express format)



*Class Hybrids: Blast & Core, Blast & Balance

Equipment needed:

-Exercise mat/towel

-Weights, band and tubing (provided)

Woman Working Out


"Lunge and squat because no one EVER wrote a song about a small butt."

This dynamic 60 minute functional strength and muscular endurance class will re-sculpt the body and boost the metabolic rate. 

*All levels

Equipment needed:

-Exercise mat/towel

-Weights, tubing, bands, balls and gliders (provided)

Sporty Woman Stretching


"It's the mind that shapes the body."

-Joseph Pilates

YogaLates is a unique training session that focuses on improving muscular strength and flexibility. YogaLates fuses Pilates and with components of yoga for an all over body workout. 

(Also available in 30 minute express format)

*All levels.

Equipment needed:

-Yoga mat

-Yoga blocks (provided)

Yoga Pose
Aerobic Class


"You did not wake up to be mediocre!"


This 45 or 60 minute cardio and strength training class may be low impact, but it is NOT low intensity. Participants will work in progressive cardio intervals which increase/climb in duration, but remain low impact the entire class.

You'll be gentle on your joints, but YOU WILL challenge your muscles as you squat low, raise your arms high, and move with weights. 

*All levels

Class hybrid: C.L.I.M.B. & Calm

Equipment needed:

-Exercise mat/towel

-Weights, tubing and bands  (provided)

Legs Workout


"It's not SWAGGER... I'm just soooore."


This 60 minute class has it ALL:

Cardio, Functional strength training and Stretching!

20 minutes of cardio

20 minutes of functional strength training

15 minutes of stretching


*All levels

Equipment needed:

-Exercise mat/towel

-Weights, tubing and bands  (provided)

Three athletes exercising hip extension


"Let's meet for a happy hour at my favorite BARRE."

The burn is good, but the shake is better!

This athletic 50 minute class fuses Pilates, strength training and ballet barre to tone, lengthen and strengthen your ENTIRE body in a way few other workouts can. Low weight and high reps will fatigue those muscles-shake it!

*All levels

Equipment needed:

-Playground ball

-Light weights (1-4 lbs)

-Fitness band

Kids with Capes


"Motivation is what gets you started

Habit is what keeps you going."

Adults call it "working out". 

Kids call it "playing"...

This 45 minute kid's fitness class helps build strength, coordination and cardiovascular endurance with fitness games, agility exercises and themed workouts. 

You provide a group of kids-we'll provide the "play"!